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Branches Cuter

$12.00 $10.00
  • Ergonomically designed non-slip handle, strong, lightweight and comfortable.
  • Steel forged cutter head, which can trim 28MM branches, which may vary depending on the species
  • The cutter trimming branches, nurseries, flowers, etc.
  • Anti-rust treatment of the cutter head, with safety lock, longer service life

Cordless Grass Shear

$82.00 $75.00

Easy to use the cordless grass shear has been specifically designed to shear grass in a way that a standard lawnmower or hedge trimmer may not be able to do. This convenient garden tool is the perfect solution for precise shearing and is ideal for reaching grass in awkward places.

Decorative Paint Roller

$10.00 $8.00
  • 100% brand new and high quality DIY Wall Decoration Empaistic Flower Pattern Painting Roller with Handle.
  • Rubber roller is the best choice for DIY painter.
  • Can paint beautiful flower pattern on the wall.
  • Can be used with both texture paint and water-based paint make the wall look like wallpaper.
  • Great tool for decoration the wall.
  • Used with texture paint and emulsion paint.

Door Stopper

$3.00 $1.90
  • Protect Doors & Wall -- More than 70,000 times test.Door stop is 2 times stronger than other door stops, effectively protects your doors from marks, scrapes, also prevents walls from doorknob holes. And unlike other door stoppers mounted on floor, you won't get kicked accidentally or much less pain from the spring-type doorstop sticked on the baseboard.
  • Safe for Kids -- The latest design of door stop wall will reduce the risk of becoming a choking hazard. Noise-canceling design brings you peace.
  • Door stopper decorative -- Door stopper decorative features oil rubbed nickel finish, perfect home decoration for your various doors and wall. Door stop provides extra protection for your door of bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room, office, etc.
  • Easy to Install -- Door stop from is extremely easy to install within 1 minute. The door stop spring is 3 ⅛ inches and comes with mounting screws and bases. All you need is a screwdriver or driller. So simple that even adolescents can finish by themselves.

Electric Branch Cutter

$50.00 $46.00
  • Can easily cut the branches with the keen steel blade.
  • Capable of cutting soft wood measuring up to 12mm in diameter as well as hard wood up to 9mm in diameter.
  • While pressing the safety trigger, press the ON/OFF trigger and hold to operate the cutting blade.
  • Lightweight, easy to carry and portable.
  • Ergonomic handle, non-slip, comfortable to grip.
  • Electric cordless device saves time and effort.
  • Non-sticking, non-rusting, anti-corrosion, has a long service life.
  • It is a perfect tool to take care of your beautiful garden in the greatest possible way.

Hand Shovel

$3.00 $1.90
  • 100% Brand new and high quality.
  • Very nice set.
  • Iron construction with comfortable wooden Handles
  • Applicable to: Seedling punching more meat planting seedlings transplanting

Hanging Drain Basket

$3.00 $1.90
  • It can be hung on the faucet, easy and beautiful.
  • Porous design, ventilation and filtration to keep items dry.
  • It can also be used for bathroom, accommodating wash items.
  • Press the button design, easy installation and removal.

Kitchen Sink

$178.00 $160.00
  • 100% new and TOP quality!
  • The reversible design of the Basin installs the drain on the left or right side
  • The two drains are fully connected
  • The extended filter gives you extra space to do other work in the kitchen

Kitchen Water Shower

$4.00 $3.00
  • Flexible, water-saving, anti splashing,
  • multi layer electroplating on the surface, bright as new.
  • High quality stainless steel foaming device,
  • preventing splash of water flower, soft water, anticorrosion

Magnetic Door Stopper

$4.00 $3.00
  • This door stop set will conveniently hold your door open and protect your walls from damage.
  • Magnetic catching force helps holding the door stably.
  • Mini and compact size concealed door stopper offers an elegance of your door.
  • It is sturdy, durable and wear-resistant for long use.
  • Smooth and easy to use with little noise. No more disturbing from slamming doors.

Mop Holder Hook

$4.00 $3.00
  • Easy to use, do not hurt the wall
  • Easy to install and easy to operate
  • Maximum load bearing 5KG
  • Non-slip waterproof design, very durable
  • There are two hanging holes, more choices
  • Material:PP + PVC

Oil proof Marble Wallpaper

$18.00 $15.00
  • Self adhesive,
  • Waterproof,
  • Removable,
  • Back with glue

Painting Brush

$4.00 $3.00
  • Fine nylon bristles apply oil- or water-based paint, glue, acetone and sealants smoothly and evenly
  • Set includes 12 reusable paint brushes for a variety of painting and -up applications in
  • Wood handles are durable but lightweight to reduce hand fatigue
  • Perfect tools for you to make wall art freely. Also could use for barbecue.

Painting Roller

$15.00 $12.00
  • Multi size, no limited for wall texture, any wall can be painted.
  • No water leakage, and more paint sticky, save time and effort.
  • When you slide around the jig and curve, you don't need tapes to get those perfect lines.

Plastic Putty Scraper

$7.00 $6.00
  • Makes repair and refinishing jobs quicker and easier.
  • Product material: PP plastic
  • Size: As the picture shown.
  • Characteristic products: New type products, with toughness, blade edge, fine workmanship.
  • The thickness of the entire blade becomes thinner from back to front

Reflective Safety Vest

$10.00 $7.00
  • Unisex, comfortable 100% polyester H-Vis reflective material, durable, breathable, lightweight and machine washable.
  • Neon yellow safety vest is high visibility with two-inch wide reflective strips cover the waist, chest, shoulders and back which provide 360°protection,which keeps you safe and reduces risks of accident for construction, surveyors, roadside emergency, bicycling and many more applications.
  • Construction, baggage handling, security, traffic control, survey, landscaping, paving, railroad, sanitation, and volunteers.

Reflective Strips

$3.00 $2.50
  • Portable and convenient to use.
  • Florescent Green Color for More Visibility
  • It can be 360° reflectivity and visibility,Highly Reflective at Night & Highly Visible in the Day
  • With Easily Adjustable, lightweight, elastic Reflective Fit for Everybody
  • Easily adjustable reflective belt vest to fit a wide range of size and body type.

Safety Shoes

$25.00 $20.00

Shock absorption technology--Preventing foot pain and ache from hard day's work. Anti-puncture base--Keep the sole of your feet safe from potentially dangerous hazards. Skid proof technology--Skid proof rubber used to build the sole of our shoes. Insulated from electric shock--For your added protection from workplace hazards. Wear-resistant Design--These shoes are design for the long haul.

Security Alarm

$50.00 $46.00
  • Built-in magnetic contact sensor and PIR motion sensor detect any forceful break-in to activate the alarm to deter potential intruders (0-120db), chime prompt, SOS emergency for home/business/office/child/disabled person safety protection.
  • The APP allows you to control the whole security system anywhere with your IOS/Android Smartphone or tablet and receives warning notifications of the exact area when the alarm was triggered. Moreover, the APP has many humanization functions such as arming delay, clock, timing arming etc.

Spray Gun

$23.00 $20.00
  • One-button disassembly, easy cleaning.
  • Spraying angle adjustable, flow adjustable, spraying speed adjustable, easy to use.
  • Excellent material, durable.
  • Applicable to furniture, walls, fences, automobiles, machinery, DIY spray paint, etc.

Steel Digger

$10.00 $8.00
  • 100% Brand new & High quality
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Versatile for multiple gardening tasks
  • With durable natural wood handle
  • Material: Head: Iron   Handle: Wood

Toothpaste Dispenser

$6.00 $4.50
  • Product Material:Plastic+Silicone
  • Work with any smooth surface.
  • Suitable for family use, not only good-looking but also very cleanly.
  • It is hygiene and convenient, suits for Kitchen, bathroom, hotel and so on.
  • Support wholesale and  dropping shipping.

Towel Holder

$3.00 $1.90
  • cabinet bathroom towel rack
  • Material PP plastic
  • Color white, blue, green, pink
  • length19cm width 9cm, height5.5cm
  • Weight  28g

Wall Mounted Rack

$12.00 $10.00
  • Towel rack can increase storage capacity and hang towels easily.
  • The wall-mounted towel rack is not perforated, suitable for many occasions.
  • The appearance is simple and beautiful, and the bearing capacity is strong.

Wireless IP Camera

$32.00 $28.00
  • Recording: with micro sd card solt (micro SD card max 64GB , SD Card for optional)
  • Motion Detection: Support motion detection.
  • Mini & portable: Watch real-time video from anywhere, anytime!
  • Built-in Wifi: Connect camera with cable and WiFi 2 mode.